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Personal Trainers Singapore

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Bringing Professional Fitness & Wellness Coaching Right To Your Doorsteps.

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About cavalry fitness & nutrition

We tailor fitness programs to help our clients meet their goals using our holistic coaching method which looks into the aspects of lifestyle, nutritional habits and sleeping patterns while keeping the fitness goal in sight. 

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how we work

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nutrition coaching

At Cavalry Fitness & Nutrition, we believe that one's fitness journey should be enjoyable and stress free. That is why we do not restrict our client's diet but instead, we aim to help our clients discover healthier eating habits with their preferred food choices, building themselves a sustainable nutrition routine. 

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fitness coaching

Tapping into our vast fitness knowledge in exercise prescription, we incorporate the elements of fun and creativity to design a unique and holistic workout program which covers the aspects of functionality, mobility, speed and strength.

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lifestyle coaching

Although it may seem that lifestyle habits poses no direct significance in achieving one's fitness goals, it is in fact that changes to these little habits such as work stress, sleep pattern, activity status can actually help you feel more energetic, motivated and contribute to your overall drive in your fitness journey. Recognizing this fact, we look into our clients lifestyle as a whole and provide valuable advise that matters. 

Personal trainers singapore

Keeping fit can be challenging to a large extent. It's therefore a good choice to hire the best Personal Trainers who can work on your health and fitness goals. With so many kinds of personal trainers in Singapore and personal training packages, it can be difficult to know what do you actually need to achieve your weight loss and fitness goals.

At Cavalry Fitness, our team of professional personal trainers offer several classes ranging from women & men's fat loss and weight loss, muscle building, pre and post natal training, strength & conditioning, and yoga. Our dedicated personal trainers are well trained to provide a comprehensive knowledge-based training program for all of your training needs. We approach your personal training sessions with customized and well-curated training programs and effective workout sessions. Our ultimate goal is to help you achieve your fitness goals and maintain healthy lifestyle habits.

Other than our personal training sessions, our personal trainers are well equipped to provide you with safe and appropriate nutritional advice along with lifestyle advice to help you achieve lifelong results.

Cavalry Fitness also has remarkable home personal trainers that provide home doorstep personal training session at your comfortable schedule and convenience. You can now have a heart-pumping workout at the comfort of your house with our home personal trainer. Our package rates are also flexible and affordable that suit most of our clients' needs.

Talk to us now to schedule a personal training session!

Benefits of Personal Training

Constant motivation & encouragement

Most of us work hard for others. Having a qualified personal trainer by your side can give you the right motivation, energy and enthusiasm you need to start your fitness routine. A professional fitness coach can also help you set goals and create a plan to achieve them.

Avoid injuries

If you are new to exercise or know that some movements are painful, it is a good idea to hire a trainer to ensure that you operate safely and effectively. Take the time to learn the right exercise technique, you can improve your results and prevent unpleasant injuries.

Being consistent

Sometimes it can be tempting to quit your routine when it gets very tough to cope. Having a personal trainer help you stay focused and reminds you the reason why you want to embark on this journey at all. It is very hard to skip your training when you know a trainer is waiting for you.

Enjoying your workouts

Achieving your fitness goals can be fun. An experienced personal trainer can make the exercises effective and engaging which can keep you motivated. And just working with a coach you love and respect can be enough to make you more satisfied with your training.

Dedicated attention

When it comes to fitness, everything is different. Your unique body mechanic, experience, goals, fitness level, what you like and dislike, will lead your trainer to create a plan specific to your needs. With a program that works, you are more likely to go through this habit and see results.

Avoiding information overload

Having a proper training and diet can sometimes be confusing. Can you eat this food? Are you doing the weight machine the right way? Should you add more loads to your training? These questions can hinder your workout. By having a trainer, he or she can provide important advice along the way.



The right trainer can help you be confident in your workout at the gym as you will learn how to use the machines and facilities properly. Usually after 2 to 3 sessions, you will be ready to accurately tackle the fitness machines with ease and confidence.


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What Clients Say

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Chester is a very dedicated PT that really focuses on supporting in your fitness journey. He is very flexible and listen to needs, highly recommended!

- Hossnya

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