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  • Fat loss

  • Build Lean Muscle Mass

  • Toning

  • Life long results

Do you find yourself trying various diets or exercise regime that produces little to no results? That's because the one size fits all program may not be suited for you as chances are such programs do not take your lifestyle, body type and eating habits into consideration. Through our Fat Loss & Toning program, our coaches are able to pinpoint the root of what's causing you to not lose the unwanted fats.

With proper guidance and advice to set you up for sustainable results, our coaches will be with you through your fitness journey as long as you have the desire to achieve your goals as much as we want it for you.

Image by Anastase Maragos


  • Lean Muscle Bulking

  • Healthy Weight Gain

  • Life long results

Healthy weight gain and building of lean muscle mass can be frustrating especially if you are a "Hard gainer" as no matter how much you seem to eat or lift, you find it hard to beef up and bring out the definition of your muscles. If you fit the description, our coaches are equipped with the extensive knowledge in the field of hypertrophy (muscle growth) and sports nutrition.


Coupled with unrivaled motivation from our coaches, we will be building both your mindset towards training and muscles at the same time. 

Bridge Pose


  • Postural Correction

  • Core Stability

  • Muscular Strength and Endurance 

Throughout your trimesters and post pregnancy, it is common to feel aches and pains in the core and joints. Although it may seem daunting and stressful both physically and mentally, it can all be made better through proper training.

Our coaches will take you through every stage of your pregnancy journey right up to post-pregnancy, focusing on what matters most to prepare you physically and mentally through a structured training program tailored just for you.

Lifting Kettlebells


  • Athletic Performance

  • Sports Nutrition

  • Sport Specific Fitness

Whether it is sport specific or athletic performance, our Strength and Conditioning program will provide you the necessary training required to help you further improve and excel.


Looking into biomechanics to physiological factors, our coach will be able to identify and fine tune what's needed for you to bring your game to the next level. 

Sunset Yoga


  • Flexibility

  • Muscular Strength and Endurance

  • Mental Wellness

Our Ladies and Couples only yoga program is suited for those who are looking to unwind, improve flexibility and build muscular strength and endurance. 

Well equipped with knowledge in yoga practice, our trainers are able to customize a program suited to your liking and needs.

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